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→‎Broken JavaScript: выль тема
(→‎Broken JavaScript: выль тема)
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: [[Викиавтор:Bene*|Bene*]], thanks. I watch and try not to interfere with your work ;) Where to store the localized labels for these icons? --[[Викиавтор:Kaganer|Kaganer]] ([[Викиавтор сярысь вераськон:Kaganer|обсуждение]]) 10:15, 12 гудырикошконэ 2014 (UTC)
:: Hi [[User:Kaganer|Kaganer]], the localized labels for the icons are stored as labels on Wikidata. Just check out [[d:Q17437796]] and [[d:Q17437798]]. Best regards, -- [[Викиавтор:Bene*|Bene*]] ([[Викиавтор сярысь вераськон:Bene*|обсуждение]]) 20:08, 23 гудырикошконэ 2014 (UTC)
== Broken JavaScript ==
MediaWiki developers found that this page probably breaks JavaScript for users (example: not seeing the buttons when editing a page). You probably need to edit this .js page and/or [[MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition]] as in the examples at [[phabricator:T122755]]. [{{SERVER}}/w/index.php?search=insource%3A%2F(mw.util|mw.notify)%2F+-loader.using&title=Special:Search&fulltext=1&ns8=1 List more pages to check].
If you have questions or need help, please ask at [[phabricator:T164242]]. You can login with your wiki account. Best wishes, [[User:Nemo_bis|Nemo]] 09:49, 14 куартолэзе 2017 (UTC)
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