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::Thanks. I just remembered - there's also "central" and "south-west", "north-west" etc, not sure if the latter is necessary. "Middle East" would also be important. [[Викиавтор:Olli|Olli]] 23:16, 25 ноября 2005 (UTC)
:::«Middle East» – Шор Шунды ӝужан пал. «Central» – центральной. About «south-west» and so on: Udmurt language has no universally recognized terms for compass' points, excluding the cardinal points (N, W, S, E), therefore I don't know precisely how we should translate such terms as «south-west». Of course, we can made the simply word compounds by translating the English words in consecutive order, e.g.: «south-west» > south+west > лымшор+шунды пуксён пал > лымшор – шунды пуксён пал (south-west Estonia ~ лымшор – шунды пуксён пал Эстония), «north-east Russia» ~ уйпал – шунды ӝужан пал Россия etc. But these constructions are unwieldy, and I hesitate whether they are entirely comprehensible for persons who are not well-educated... --[[Викиавтор:Denis|Denis]] 10:35, 26 ноября 2005 (UTC)
Hi :) Finally Asia is (almost) done, so I brought an [[Шаблон:Africa|Africa-template]] from the Russian wiki - it should be translated. (If you'd like America better, go ahead :) Also, I need some help with [[Иордан шурлэн шунды пуксён пал ярдурез]] and [[Газа сектор]] - I suppose It'd be better if you made short articles of them rather than me. [[Викиавтор:Olli|Olli]] 17:03, 8 декабря 2005 (UTC)