Cold Water + Turkish Delight + Turkish Coffee

--Kmoksy 15:47, 1 декабря 2010 (UTC)

Закрытые статьиТупатоно

Здравствуйте Kmoksy, пожалуйста при создании статей в удмуртской википедии оставляйте ссылку на русский язык, то же самое в русской википедии оставляйте ссылку на удмуртский язык. --Mon udmurt 20:12, 2 тулыспалэ 2011 (UTC)

Спасибо, Mon. The русской интервики by боти :-) --Kmoksy 17:20, 2 тулыспалэ 2011 (UTC)

Категория:Славян кылъёсТупатоно

Why, Why, Why, you moved ? Хорват кыл is Категория:Славян кылъёс. --Kmoksy 15:10, 11 тулыспалэ 2011 (UTC)

Ӧ and ӱ in UdmurtТупатоно

Dear Kmoksy, I have renamed some articles created by you, in such a manner: Кӧльрейтерия > Кёльрейтерия, Лагерстрӧмия > Лагерстрёмия, and so on. I made the corrections because the letter Ӧ cannot be used in the later international loanwords, but only inside the words of the Udmurt origin, or inside the very old loanwords (e.g., тӧро < Tatar түрә). The orthography of the later lexical borrowings is just the same as in Russian.

I have also noticed the you use the letter ӱ («Мынам нимы Ӱмӱт Чынар»). This letter is absent in the Udmurt alphabet. Your name should be written as Умют Чынар in Udmurt. Do you think that the letter Ӧ is phonetically identical to the Ö in Turkish? :) The answer is "no", this letter defines the sound not labialized, not front vowel, it stays near the Russian [э]. --Denis 08:28, 7 инвожое 2011 (UTC)

OK, You're right. --Kmoksy 10:06, 7 инвожое 2011 (UTC)

Botany (some corrections)Тупатоно

Hello Kmoksy, I suggest to correct the stub you use in the articles on the botany. An example. You write:

Verbenaceae семьяысь Америкалэн куаро куак яке писпу

Literally it means:

Verbenaceae from-family of-America with-leaves bush or tree.

The correct form must be:

Verbenaceae семьяысь Америкаын будӥсь куаро куак яке писпу

Id est: Verbenaceae from-family in-America growing with-leaves bush or tree.

Thank you for your indefatigable work! --Denis 09:23, 12 инвожое 2011 (UTC)

Ops! I write in "Turkish dialect of Udmurt language" :-) I think writing in Udmurt as Turkish.
in "simple" Turkish: Verbenaceae familyasından (literally: from-family) Amerika'nın (literally: of-America) yapraklı çalı ya da ağacı
in "true" Turkish: Verbenaceae familyasından (literally: from-family) Amerika'da (literally: in-America) yetişen yapraklı çalı ya da ağaç
I don't know Udmurt equivalent of the verb "yetişen" (for plants ; Udmurt: будӥсь) / "yaşayan" (for animals). Thank you for your interest. --Kmoksy 12:11, 12 инвожое 2011 (UTC)
Yes, the Udmurt and Turkish grammars are very close, but not identical: there is no analog for the "simple" Turkish construction in Udmurt. The Udmurt equivalent for yetişmek is (in that case) будыны (to grow), for yaşamakулыны (to live). Tne nomina agentis derived from both of these infinite forms are resp. будӥсь (the growing one) and улӥсь (the living one). --Denis 12:33, 12 инвожое 2011 (UTC)
Thanks, thanks, thanks! You are a dragon of the Language warriors (in "simple" Turkish: Sen bir canavarsın). The Finn-Ugor Languages are very very closely with Turkic Languages. The Meadow and Hill Mari languages "very very very" close with Turkish language. The Udmurt, Komi-Zyrian and Perem Komi languages "very very" close with Turkish language. But, the Mordwin (Erzya and Moksha) languages are not close :-( Thanks for улӥсь . I'm bad translator :-) --Kmoksy 12:49, 12 инвожое 2011 (UTC)
I'd say that Komi-Zyrian and Komi-Permyak are not so close to Turkish because of the very Russified syntax (not to mention the vocabulary). E.g.: common Komi Коля мунӧ урок вылӧ / literally Kolya goes lesson onto ~ Udmurt Коля уроке мынэ / Kolya to-lesson goes ~ Russian Коля идёт на урок / Kolya goes lesson onto ~ Turkish Kolya derse gidiyor, Tatar Коля дәрескә бара / Kolya to-lesson goes. --Denis 13:16, 12 инвожое 2011 (UTC)
Ops! The sorting of similarity with Turkic and Finno-Ugric: very similar ← Meadow Mari - Hill Mari - Udmurt - Komi-Zyrian - Komi-Permyak - Moksha - Erzya → little similar--Kmoksy 13:57, 12 инвожое 2011 (UTC)
Evet öyle --Denis 15:07, 12 инвожое 2011 (UTC)

holiday on the my siteТупатоно

I write several bio-terminologic articles and studies on the my site. --Kmoksy 21:57, 4 коньывуонэ 2011 (UTC)